Descendants of Fabian have a good start in 2018

Now the first preparationflights are behind us, we see once more the quality of the Fabian-dynasty emerge.
The first pigeons of the last 3 flights are almost all related to Fabian and Ellis.
They are ready for the heavier work with on saturday (may 5th) the first flight further than Paris.
More details concerning the results are in the chart below.

15/04/2018NoyonBE17-415561115/567 yearl.grandchild Noah and Naomi
15/04/2018NoyonBE17-415573737/567 yearl. brother to BE14-4017662-Fredo
15/04/2018NoyonBE17-415570729/567 yearl.breeder Etienne Pieters
15/04/2018NoyonBE17-415569344/567 yearl.
15/04/2018NoyonBE17-415571954/567 yearl.grandchild Fabian
22/04/2018NoyonBE16-407605921/1192 oldson Fabian
22/04/2018NoyonBE16-407607297/1192 oldson Stybar and Bolleke
22/04/2018NoyonBE17-41556784/872 yearl.grandchild Fabian
22/04/2018NoyonBE17-415573212/872 yearl.sister Ellis
22/04/2018NoyonBE17-415561315/872 yearl.Eria, 5th nat. AcePigeon 2017
22/04/2018NoyonBE17-415571823/872 yearl.grandson Fabian
22/04/2018NoyonBE17-415571242/872 yearl.breeder Etienne Pieters
22/04/2018NoyonBE17-415561644/872 yearl.daughter to brother Fabian
22/04/2018NoyonBE17-415570945/872 yearl.breeder Etienne Pieters
22/04/2018NoyonBE-17415573046/872 yearl.grandson Fabian
22/04/2018NoyonBE17-415572847/872 yearl.granddaughter to brother Fabian
22/04/2018NoyonBE17-415570851/872 yearl.breeder Etienne Pieters
28/04/2018NoyonBE17-41556913/787 yearl.granddaughter Fabian
28/04/2018NoyonBE17-415567614/787 yearl.granddaughter Noah and Naomi
28/04/2018NoyonBE17-415573141/787 jaarl.sister Ellis

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