Eria (5th nat. Acepigeon GMD youngsters 2017) is ready for the heavier work

The flight from Pithiviers (325 km) yesterday may 5th was with a stiff north-easterly wind and high temperatures a good trial for the coming national flights great middle distance and long distance.
In the yearlings flight we have 14 of 37 pigeons who win per 10, among them Eria and her nest-brother Vicus. Also 2 sisters of Ellis (1st nat. acepigeon 2016) belong again to the winners.
Like this we see that the strong genes of Fabian, who also performed at his best in heavy conditions, manifest themselves again.
With her 5th place of 721 yearlings Eria continues again with the same drive as in 2017.

Also with the old birds the results were again excellent with 18 birds of 57 who win per 10.

Pedigree Eria

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