1st. Provincial victory in Bourges with “Hulk”

We are very satisfied after the gruelling Bourges! The 1th Provincial triumph East Flanders is won with the old pigeons with “Hulk”.
In difficult circumstances, the Fabian genes are clearly reveal themselves. Also with the yearlings, the fabian line excelled again.
Be15- 4143915 (Hulk) is  1th prov./ 3385 and 7th nat./ 20280
Pedigree Hulk
The yearlings also score well in the preliminary provincial results:
BE17-4155719 (Olympia) 2nd prov./3886 and 10th nat./19123
Pedigree Olympia
BE17-4155718 (brother Olympia) 14th prov./3886 and 78th nat./19123
BE17-4155615 17th prov./3886 and 93th nat./19123

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