National victory on Cahors

Totti won on june 16th the race from Cahors and was the fastest of 6.356 pigeons with an average speed of 1.321,32 m/min. This was not his first good result. A few weeks ago he won from Limoges the 356th national from 15.789 pigeons. But there is more, during his 4 years of flying, he had several good results:

Cahors (16-06-2018): 1st National of 6.356 pigeons
Noyon (05-07-2015): 3e van 403 pigeons
La Souterraine (03-07-2016): 227th National of 9.580 pigeons
Limoges (02-06-2018): 356th National of 15.789 pigeons
Brive (17-06-2017): 252th National of 9.132 pigeons
Toury (13-05-2017): 27th of 710 pigeons
Limoges (08-07-2017): 435th National of 9.162 pigeons

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