Hulk keeps performing at his best

After getting very nice results the past few years on GMD and Long distances races, this beautiful cock doesn’t disappoint us this year either.
Our provincial laureat on Bourges, Hulk, keeps performing at high level the whole season of 2018.
Week after week it is a pleasure to see this pigeon arrive home early and getting good results.
This year, Hulk flew the following races, with consistently a good result.

2018Pithiviers 05/058/932
Blois 12/0516/28964/2642
Vierzon 19/05116/669648/7369
Bourges 26/051/2761/33857/20284
Chateauroux 09/616/270232/31151492/18799
Argenton 23/0624/189162/2400583/11823
Chateauroux 07/077/14844/1388193/8634
Jarnac 15/072/244/90412/5302

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