Descendants of Fabian confirm again in 2018

Only 5 years ago we switched from short distance to great middle distance races. In that year 2013 we immediately hit bull’s eye with a 1st prov. prize on Bourges.

Later on it would show that this champion “Fabian” is really talented for both racing and good inheritance.

The last 3 years repeatedly a grandchild of Fabian classified in the top five national acepigeons great middle distance.

2016: Ellis, grandchild of Fabian became first nat. acepigeon GMD youngsters
2017: Eria, great-grandchild of Fabian became fifth nat. acepigeon GMD youngsters
2018: Artemis, grandchild of Fabian became fourth nat. acepigeon GMD yearlings


The provincial rankings are not available yet at this moment, but we are sure that Artemis will also do very good in this championship.

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