A little bit of history…

It all started around the year 1987 when the farm next to my ancestral home was bought by Roland Verstraeten, a highly performing pigeon fancier in the speed category. Very soon my neighbour woke my interest in the pigeonsport. In his youth, my father also had bred pigeons, and so he was again bitten by the "pigeon virus". In this way we started back then with our own built loft with the speed races, Quievrain approx. 50km and Noyon approx. 160km.

Trial and error
The starting years were not so good in terms of performance, but that didn't prevent us to fully enjoy our mutual hobby. Around 2005 however there was a change in a positive sense with the acquisition of pigeons from some local stars namely Eddy Vandriessche and the late Marcel De Beck. Since then we could also hold our ground on the speed races.

Considering the fact that seeing the homing of the pigeons always gives me a thrill, then as now, in 2012 I switched to longer middle distance with the same birds as before. When in the first year longer middle distance I immediately won a 1e provincial race on Bourges, I was instantely fond of the heavier stuff.

The first provincial title was won  by "Fabian", named after Fabian Cancelara, the favorite cyclist of my late father. In 2014 that same Fabian won the first national Poiters in very heavy circumstances. He was the only bird who flew 1100m/m. Despite the various offerings, Fabian was not sold and was placed on the breeding loft where he has revealed as a true superbreeder of the colony.

Ellis is our second big name who, as a youg hen, achieved to win the title of acepigeon GMD KBDB 2016, this on 3 national flights. Furthermore she was the best bird over 4 national flights for youngsters. It is no coincidence that Ellis is a granddaughter of Fabian.
Likewise, Ellis was not sold and she moved to the breeding loft together with her parents. In 2017 this already resulted in a sister of Ellis who flew extremely good on the national races.

The future
From 2017 on we also participated in long distance races with considerable succes due to the offspring of Fabian. Also that same year we raced with old and yearling hens on the widowhood system, with their mates staying at home.
For 2018, we will start with renewed pigeonlofts...