1st National Limoges II

On friday june 5th our Salvatore won the advanced race of Limoges II in the yearling discipline. He was also the fastest of 20444 birds. Salvatore is a great-grandchild of Fabian. His grandparents are Pirlo and Ester, the parents of Ellis. You can find his full pedigree beneath the photo. Pedigree Salvatore

AcePigeon GMD

We are surely proud of these trophies! 3 years in a row classified in the top 5 ranking of KBDB acepigeon great middle distance 2016: Ellis, grandchild Fabian became 1st nat. acepigeon GMD young birds 2017: Eria, great-grandchild Fabian became 5th nat. acepigeon GMD young birds 2018: Artemis, grandchild Fabian became 4th nat. acepigeon GMD yearlings

Descendants of Fabian confirm again in 2018

Only 5 years ago we switched from short distance to great middle distance races. In that year 2013 we immediately hit bull’s eye with a 1st prov. prize on Bourges. Later on it would show that this champion “Fabian” is really talented for both racing and good inheritance. The last 3 years repeatedly a grandchild of Fabian classified in the top […]

Hulk keeps performing at his best

After getting very nice results the past few years on GMD and Long distances races, this beautiful cock doesn’t disappoint us this year either. Our provincial laureat on Bourges, Hulk, keeps performing at high level the whole season of 2018. Week after week it is a pleasure to see this pigeon arrive home early and getting good results. This year, […]

National victory on Cahors

Totti won on june 16th the race from Cahors and was the fastest of 6.356 pigeons with an average speed of 1.321,32 m/min. This was not his first good result. A few weeks ago he won from Limoges the 356th national from 15.789 pigeons. But there is more, during his 4 years of flying, he had several good results: Cahors […]

1st. Provincial victory in Bourges with “Hulk”

We are very satisfied after the gruelling Bourges! The 1th Provincial triumph East Flanders is won with the old pigeons with “Hulk”. In difficult circumstances, the Fabian genes are clearly reveal themselves. Also with the yearlings, the fabian line excelled again. Be15- 4143915 (Hulk) is  1th prov./ 3385 and 7th nat./ 20280 Pedigree Hulk The yearlings also score well in […]

Descendants of Fabian have a good start in 2018

Now the first preparationflights are behind us, we see once more the quality of the Fabian-dynasty emerge. The first pigeons of the last 3 flights are almost all related to Fabian and Ellis. They are ready for the heavier work with on saturday (may 5th) the first flight further than Paris. More details concerning the results are in the chart […]

150 years “Union & Liberté” Ghent

Friday 26th of january the 150th anniversary of the pigeon club “Union & Liberté” was celebrated, together with 50 years chairmanship of Daniel Aerens. After the superb dinner the champions of 2017 were celebrated. We are glad we could be with this great company as champion “Great Middle Distance Youngsters” and champion “Long Distance Yearlings”.