Descendants of Fabian confirm again in 2018

Only 5 years ago we switched from short distance to great middle distance races. In that year 2013 we immediately hit bull’s eye with a 1st prov. prize on Bourges. Later on it would show that this champion “Fabian” is really talented for both racing and good inheritance. The last 3 years repeatedly a grandchild of Fabian classified in the top […]

Descendants of Fabian have a good start in 2018

Now the first preparationflights are behind us, we see once more the quality of the Fabian-dynasty emerge. The first pigeons of the last 3 flights are almost all related to Fabian and Ellis. They are ready for the heavier work with on saturday (may 5th) the first flight further than Paris. More details concerning the results are in the chart […]