Superbreeder of the Bauterscolony

Pedigree Fabian

Fabian is the poster boy of the whole colony. As a youngster, he only flew 10 times Noyon, from which 2 per 10. In 2012 we made the switch to the great middle distance races with immediately a first provincial victory on Bourges  for Fabian, and several excellent prizes with the same speed-pigeons as before.

In 2013 he flew the 4th prov. & 24th nat. prize on Argenton. Fabian moved to the breeding loft after his spectacular victory on Poittiers in very hard circumstaces at 1100m/m.

To this day he is the "superbreeder"with as most important descendant his granddaughter  "Ellis"  who won the first national acepigeon GMD KBDB 2016.