BE10-4103959 ♀ Naomi: mother to "Fredo", topracer

BE10-4103964 ♂ Noah: father to "Fredo", topracer

BE12-4181946 ♀ Bolleke: grandmother "Ellis", 1e nat. acepigeon '16

BE15-4143932 ♂ Totti: 1st nat. Cahors

BE14-4014774 ♂ Poot: grandfather to "Laura", topracer

BE14-4014794 ♀ Elsa: grandmother to "Eria", 5th nat. acepigeon '17

BE15-4143949 ♂ Basso: grandfather to "Eria", 5th nat. acepigeon '17

BE15-4143931 ♂ Pirlo: father to "Ellis", 1st nat. acepigeon '16

BE15-4143918 ♀ Ester: mother to "Ellis", 1st nat. acepigeon '16

BE15-4143996 ♂ Fabian 96: father to "Lucas", topracer

BE15-4143967 ♂ Frodo:father to "Artemis", 4th nat. acepigeon '18

BE16-4076022 ♀ Raketje: sister to "Ellis", 1st nat. acepigeon '16

BE15-3002943 ♀ daughter Prince Rudy, Clicque Gino

BE15-3152055 ♀ daughter Prince Rudy, Clicque Gino

BE15-3110399 ♂ son to "De 62", Gaby Vandenabeele & "Monty", Rudy De Saer

NL15-3538488 ♂ son "Horus"& "Dees", Frederik Leliaert

BE14-4214345 ♀ daughter "Retro" & "Argenton duivin", Team De Jaeger

BE14-4214562 ♀ daughter "Galactica" & "Blauwke Mortifer", Team De Jaeger

BE15-4014487 ♀daughter "Mr. Tulle" & "Meeuw", Team De Jaeger

BE15-4143995 ♀ daughter Fabian & Bolleke

BE17-4155732 ♀ Eris, sister Ellis

BE18-4194587 ♂ son to Porsche & Ellis

BE18-4217453 ♂ son to Fabian & sister Porsche

BE18-4217463 ♂ son to Fabian & daughter Porsche

BE18-4054713 ♀ daughter to Fabian & Bolleke

Recent reinforcement breeding loft

BE15-4013369 ♀ Granddaughter New Freddy, Alpdag Brothers

BE17-3075186 ♂ Nestor, Rudy De Saer

BE18-4233372 ♂ Son Red Ace, De Smeyter-Restiaen

BE18-2038121 ♂ Tiesto's Twenty One, Davy Tournelle

BE18-4238225 ♂ Rocky Star, Marc De Cock